Walking Across Nashoba — Lancaster Part 7

Meister Käßner
14 min readApr 10
North Branch of the Nashua River

I have spent significant time over the past year puzzling over the best route to connect the Lancaster Blood Town Forest with the Nashua River Green Way and Cook Conservation Area. Constructing such a trail has been identified as a significant goal of the town in both the Master Plan and the Open Space and Recreation Plan. The major challenge is that there are numerous possible routes and few town-owned parcels or conservation easements that would allow trail construction. From where Bob and I emerged from Colony Lane, several choices existed. We could have followed 117 four tenths of a mile to the West, but that would have required following a major road without a sidewalk. We could have headed to the east and entered in through an old road with public access next to the old gas station, but then we would…

Meister Käßner

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