Walking Across Nashoba — Lancaster Part 6

Meister Käßner
16 min readApr 8
Bulfinch Church Lancaster Photo by Author

My wife dropped me off at Bob’s house at 9:45 the next morning to begin the final day of our hike. Although it was the third day it would include several firsts. For the first time we would be passing through the historic town center of a community. We also walked through the largest open field, the only site of a significant military engagement, the only apple orchard (almost), and our sole river fording. We had numerous adventures awaiting us in the final thirteen miles of our walk.

Thayer Field Lancaster Photo by Author

Bob and I started walking north on Neck Road to avoid retracing our steps from the day before. We turned left on Packard Street, re-crossed the railroad tracks, and then turned into the Thayer Field complex. As I walked down the driveway, I felt stuck between the past and the future. I was immediately flooded with memories of over ten years of baseball with my three kids. From the adventures of…

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