Trying to Be a Good White Ally in

Disrupted TIMES

Some one who Gave it All for Equality

A Poem for White Ally Friends

Combined with a Plea To My Trumpian

Friends and Family

Please Stop

Lynchin’ Linkin

Dedicated to Charles M. Blow

and other Times Columnists who

Pushed me to Become a

Better Human Being.

Day 1: June 10, 2020

Lincoln on ICE

Are you a Bot?

Or a Radical Individualist?

Do you Conform to

the Expectations

of your



Checklisting Compassion?

Is your response to


Data Driven by

Performative Solidarity?

Polar Opposites

Have you been cracked?


Torn? Even

Ripped Apart?

By the pain of your Privilege,

And the Pain it Causes and

(has Caused)


Like They Were?

Asking important questions about living well amid the farms and forests North and West of Boston.