I'm trying to make sure that I fully understand your argument. Nancy Pelosi should enable the president to send every American a $1,200 vote for me bribe without addressing the major systemic economic problems emerging from the pandemic.

Getting economic stimulus into the hands of struggling families through unemployment payments and other means are definitely needed. Giving $1,200 to well off families is a waste unless they are required to spend it and not save it.

Pelosi is fighting for aid to stabilize struggling state and local budgets. That is the money that pays the salaries of firefighters, police, teachers, social workers etc. Only the federal government is allowed to run a deficit. If that money is not spent at the state and city level the economic chaos will mushroom as massive layoffs ripple through schools, police departments, fire stations, etc.

Trump's insistence on a "cheap election trick" while pouring salt in the wounds of struggling cities is not sound economic policy. It is using public policy to reward his supporters and punish his opponents.

Pelosi is right to fight for a bill that will enable all Americans to recover from the pandemic not just a chosen few.

Assuming Biden wins the presidency and the Democrats win the Senate expect to hear screaming from Republican deficit scolds about our terrible debt and the need to cut social services for the poor.

We need a government that works for all Americans and provides adequate resources to frontline workers during the pandemic. The president's proposal does not provide that. Pelosi is doing what she was elected to do in the election of 2018. The American people will decide what they want and vote in several weeks. Presidents can't dictate to the house of Representatives, they are a coequal part of the legislature.

Asking important questions about living well amid the farms and forests North and West of Boston.

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